Monday, February 13, 2012

Go Rigby!!

I received an order to do these fun, really big, basketball sugar cookies for our girls varsity basketball team for their end of the regular season party.
They were fun to make! The girls loved them!
I also made some smaller versions for my sons city league team.
They loved them too!

I like to think I had a little hand in helping them win first place in Districts this weekend......."How?" you may ask.....well one of the girls asked me to make them some chocolate chip cinnamon rolls, so I did. I happened to make them the day that they lost a game in Districts, so they would have to play one more time for 1st or 2nd place. It was a home game and they were all really bummed out. There I was with a big cinnamon roll for each of them! I was told later that they all went home and drowned their sorrows by eating their cinnamon rolls. They loved them and it helped them get ready for their last game before State. Let me tell was an amazing game....a real nail biter!! They won in overtime!!!

Here they are!!
They are all champions!!!

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