Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lots going on!

I've been trying new recipes......some are keepers and some aren't! These ones have definitely been keepers.....Homemade Oreos with a cream cheese filling. Here are the regular ones!

And the favorite. I'm going to be trying them with a raspberry flavored filling next!

I was coaching my oldest daughter's basketball team and for the last game I made them these cute basketball cupcakes.
Then I put their names on them.....I had a couple of extra so I did one each for the Refs that we've had. The refs were amazing!
I did a couple of my favorite treats for them. Along with the cupcake is a hot fudge bar and a mini cheesecake with a slice of strawberry on top.
Then last week I did 80+ cupcakes for our R.S. birthday party. They turned out so cute!!
There is so much more happening! I'm working on mini cinnamon rolls and mini chocolate chip cookies for a wedding reception next weekend. Plus I will be doing a food booth at the big Spring Home and Garden Extravaganza on the 18th and 19th in Idaho Falls! Check out the details here! It's going to be a great event and Free Admission! I will try to keep things updated more often on here! Thank you for checking out my page! =)

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