Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cookies and Cream Dream Cupcakes

A new year, time to try new things! I got some new cook books in the last few weeks and found some amazing recipes I wanted to try. This is the first one. It is a chocolate cupcake with a whole Oreo baked inside with a Cookies and Cream butter frosting to top it off. The frosting is amazing, but the cupcake is just okay. The cake wasn't as moist as I wanted it. So I tried another chocolate cake recipe with it and was even more disappointed.....I'm not saying I didn't eat it still, but I've had better cake. But I have many more, from scratch, chocolate cake recipes to try! And I will keep trying until I get it right!
This is one that my "taste testers" LOVED....even if I wasn't thrilled with the whole thing. I will be putting this on my dessert list soon. I would really like to put a better cake with it first, but I will make it for you if you just "have" to have it before then.

Now stop drooling on your keyboard! ;-)


Brandi said...

Those look real yum and pretty. IF you need another TASTE TESTER...I am sure I know someone who would be willing to help!!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

After you said you didn't live too far from me, I had to check your profile again, and you're right! I live in IF and drive up to Rigby a couple times a month since I sell crafts at a little store there called Mutt N' Jeffs Chotchkies. LOL, crazy!

Now, about that taste testing offer... I'm not one to brag, but I do like to think I'm a rather good judge in chocolate. :D

And I don't think my hubby will be too happy with me when he sees th nice drool puddle I left for him after seeing you yumminess pictures!