Thursday, October 21, 2010

More cakes

Whoops, this picture should've been last.....but you'll see what I'm talking about below....the cake really is blue and brown!So I actually did these cakes last month for my nephew and my daughter. The first cake is a barn made out of the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan and a couple of cupcake farm animals to go with it. This one was for my nephew's 1st birthday. For the base I turned the cupcake bottom over so that the bigger side was on the bottom. Then I started "painting" the barn.
Then I added the roof and started to "install" the shingles. The butter cream frosting worked perfectly for this.
There is the barn all done with the windows with a little bit of hay hanging out and the door.
Not too bad.....
So I did 4 animals......first we have the puppy dog.
Then there is the duck.....
You gotta have a pig.....
And my absolute favorite was the cow!
Seriously! I love that face!
Tada! The animals and their barn!
The other cake that I did was a checkerboard cake for my daughter who turned 9. It was a vanilla cake that I colored blue.....I know, it looks more greenish here, but it really was blue and a chocolate fudge cake to make the brown.
After we put it all together, it turned out so cute! We did some fondant flowers, letter G's and number 9's for her.
She absolutely loved it. It was a lot of fun to make!
And thanks to my sister and my good friend Jenn who helped me play with the fondant for these cakes!

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